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The excellent value for money of the products makes Entity the favourite brand for hundreds of nail technicians and their customers, throughout the world!

Whether you are looking for gel, powder liquid or fibreglass, Entity is always a reliable choice!



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For your day to day needs, you can also trust Entity quality. Cellulose pads, brush wipes and table towels are available from the Magnetic label. For optimum hygiene during treatments, nail antiseptic and hand disinfectant are essential.


To protect your skin against possible irritation or allergenic reactions, we recommend that you wear gloves. We also supply latex-free gloves, in nitrile. We even supply face masks to protection against breathing in file dust.


Entity Supplies all the liquids the nail tech requires in the studio. Special removers for nail enamel, all acetone free, available in salon size and retail size.

Finishing wipes for removing sticky gel residues and Tip Removers for the safe removal of acrylic enhancements. For optimum universal hygiene during treatments nail antiseptic and hand Sanitizers are essential.

Also available are salon disinfectants and sterilizing solutions.


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