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The excellent value for money of the products makes Entity the favourite brand for hundreds of nail technicians and their customers, throughout the world!

Whether you are looking for gel, powder liquid or fibreglass, Entity is always a reliable choice!

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Completely disinfectable file featuring a custom shape allowing for easy and precise filing on every surface of the nail plate even the difficult to reach areas along the eponychium and lateral folds.

RETOUCHER: 100 grit white file -Great size for removing existing product and reducing areas of lifting when clients return for a retouch.

REDUCER: 150 grit white file -Excellent grit size for perimiter refinements when file finishing sculptured nails.

DETAILER: 180 grit white file -Perfect grit size for removing scratches and surace imperfections before buffing nails to a high shine or applying laquer.

  Take your service from shape to shine. Hand selected with a larger surface area to maximize results and minimize survice time. Proffesional quality at a disposable price.


SHAPER: 150 grit zinc coated file -Take down length and reduce thickness of existing product. Special zinc coating reduces heat caused by friction.

REFINER: 180 grit zinc coated file -Prep natural nail, refine outline and surface smoothness. Special zinc coating reduces heat caused by friction.

PERFECTER: 100 / 180 grit sponge file -Remove surface imperfections and refine scratches before high shine laquer.

BUFFER: 220 / 280 grit sponge file -Buff to smooth surface before high shine or laquer.

SHINER: 600 / 3000 grit 2-way padded file -Bring final nail surface to a high gloss shine.

FILE ASSORTMENT PACK: A collection including one each of the Shaper, Refiner, Perfecter, Buffer and Shiner.


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