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The excellent value for money of the products makes Entity the favourite brand for hundreds of nail technicians and their customers, throughout the world!

Whether you are looking for gel, powder liquid or fibreglass, Entity is always a reliable choice!

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Cross Referencing & Portfolio Development

Kooky Nail Wraps
Gel Foundation - 3 Days

Suitable for beginners, this is a relatively easy system to learn which is simple to handle, economical to use and provides no odour and reduced filings.

Entity one gel offers non-porous flexible enhancements that afford the client perfect adhesion and a high loss shine, it is simple to apply with no service breakdown.

Entity One Gel Technology really is the start of something beautiful.

Product Knowledge
Health and Safety
Contra Indications
Consultation / Record Cards / Treatment Plan
Preparation of the Natural Nail
Tip selection and Application
Gel Application including French
Filing / Finishing Techniques
Natural Nail Overlays 

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