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The excellent value for money of the products makes Entity the favourite brand for hundreds of nail technicians and their customers, throughout the world!

Whether you are looking for gel, powder liquid or fibreglass, Entity is always a reliable choice!

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The one and only gel system to encapsulate nanotechnology within the nail enhancement, making it easier than ever to create nails that are durable, glossy, naturally beautiful, and second to none. It's proprietry formula makes Entity One Gel simple to apply, with no service breakdown. And the boost of nanotechnology amplifies the shine and scratch resistance to create a finish unparalled in the industry. Entity One Gel Technology really is the start of something beautiful.


ENTITY ONE WHITE - Our brightest white is specialy formulated for use as a builder or a brush on. Used as a builder its unique opacity and durability allow it to be be sculpted super thin. Or use as a brush on for a speedy pink and white.

ENTITY ONE CLEAR - Its glass like gloss is shiny, brilliant and ubble free.

ENTITY ONE PINK - Designed to enhance any skin tone, our pink is the perfect shade and perfectly versatile.

ENTITY ONE NATURAL WHITE - Neutral and complimentary to light, medium or dark skin tones, Our natural white is ideal for creating a free edge more beautiful than Mother Nature.

ENTITY ONE NUDITE PINK - Neither cool nor warm, this is the ideal neutral opaque pink. It not only hides imperfections, It extends the appearance of the natural nail plate, for a flawless look.

ENTITY ONE UV GEL TOP COAT - No sticky layer with this top coat, Wich cures to a glossy shine thats hard, Durable and incredibly scratch resistant. In just two minutes you are good to go.


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