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The excellent value for money of the products makes Entity the favourite brand for hundreds of nail technicians and their customers, throughout the world!

Whether you are looking for gel, powder liquid or fibreglass, Entity is always a reliable choice!

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Tips & Nail Forms:


Evolution Tips

Exclusive line of tips featuring no contact area for precise placement, the perfect profile and consistent "C" curveevery time. Available in clear Natural and white

Corrective Sculpting Forms

Custom designed double- sided sculpting form for use on clients with nails that are difficult to fit. Featuring one side for flat or fan shaped nails and a second side for pointed nail plates and high hyponichiums allowing for a perfect fit and ultimate versatility. Also available in Clear

Perfect Curve - Sculpting Tools

Create the perfect "C" curve utilizing custom implements designed to mold consistent and uniform extension edge curvature every time you sculpt. Convenient carrying case houses six tools varying in size from 4m - 9mm to accomodate the size of any nail.



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